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Lanco aims to help local communities

Veadi Holdings Limited (VHL) is one of many companies representing project area landowners who participate in PNG’s largest and most expensive resource project, the $US15 billion PNG Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project.

This company was incorporated on 27 November, 2009 to participate in the PNG LNG project through the development and use of land owned by the people of Papa Village.

Located about 30km adjacent to the LNG project site tucked away near the mountain stands the Veadi Holdings Limited (VHL) office in the quarry area where partner company NC Civil Works has undertaken some major excavations. Only five months into operation with partner NC Civil Works and Managing Director Nicky Magara is optimistic in seeing new developments and opportunities for the company and the people of Papa Village with the theme for awareness, education and communication while still maintaining the core values of building and protecting landowner company’s interest.

Mr Maraga said that there are many plans and ideas in place that he is negotiating with the partners to move the company forward. He is currently working on these projects to bring in funds which will greatly transform the livelihood of the people.

During its establishment, a number of payments were paid to church groups and social groups to assist with the opening of new accounts in order to sustain their operations within the village level.

There were also donations made by VHL to Papa Community in way of contributions for various groups such as the Papa LMS council Meetings, school fees for university students as well as assisting during a death in the family. With similar operations as LABA holdings, the function of VHL is to build value and maintain the highest level of benefits and quality of service for landowners while land is utilized to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Papa Village.

VHL is a company operated by landowners of Papa Village and is wholly concentrated on transforming the impacts areas into sustainable development projects for the people. Although there are a number of setbacks and complaints, Mr Maraga is keen on overcoming these obstacles to achieve the primary objective of the company.

[Source: Post Courier]

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