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City roads to be rehabilitated


The National Capital District Commission (NCDC) through the National Government is working on the rehabilitation of 58 roads within the city.

The 1.7 km road rehabilitation work from Five-Mile to Six-Mile has cost the Government about K58 million while the 1km road from 6 Mile bend to the Erima Bridge costs K37 million.

The Deputy City Manager (Engineering) Simon Vai said the 1.7km and 1km roads times that by four lanes should be around 7km and 4km respectively.

“The street lights, drainage, relocating of power poles, water pipes, sewerage, telikom wires and others also add up to the high cost,” he said.

But the concern is that, if the Government can spend this amount of money for two stretches of road, than how much is it going to spend for all the 58 roads in the city?

And also, how much will it cost for a one lane road in a rural area compared to that of Port Moresby, and how much impact and importance will it have on the lives of the people in these areas?

The Global Construction Company was contracted for 13 months for the Five to Six-Mile rehabilitation which initially started last October which should be completed by January 2013.

But people are raising concerns over the longer time it is taking for these companies to finish off the work causing traffic congestion.

The other proposed new roads for NCD include a road from Gerehu to Nine-Mile, Nine Mile to Dogura and Tokarara to Hanuabada by pass.

Other road rehabilitations will include Six-Mile to the old Airport, Erima to Nine-Mile which will add another lane starting from the bridge near Wildlife, Erima-Wildlife to Morata Road.

When asked about how the Government plans to relieve traffic congestion in the city, Mr Vai said it is a real problem in the city because of excessive car imports.

“We don’t have the authority to stop people from buying cars but we can plan to build roads.

“We’re trying to revive the POM Road Links study and the Stormwater (drainage) study again,” he said.

The Five-Mile to Six-Mile road maintenance has been contracted to the Global Construction while the Six Mile bend to Erima Bridge was contracted to Hebou Construction Company.

Shorncliffe, Dekenai and NC Civil Works Construction Companies are the major contractors for the road rehabilitation program in the city and the work is already in progress.

From the 58 roads to be rehabilited in NCD, 36 roads were awarded to Shorncliffe, 13 roads to Dekenai and seven roads were awarded to NC Civil Works to maintain.

[Source: Post Courier]

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